FAQ for buyers

Is there an additional shipping fee for buyers?

No. Shipping is provided free of charge.

What is the procedure should I decide to return an artwork that has already been shipped to me?

If you are unsatisfied with the artwork, a period of 7 days will be allocated to return it to the artist, in the same condition, and at your own expense.

FAQ for artists

Is there a fee for artists wanting to exhibit their artwork on the Arte Arta site?

No. Being part of the online gallery is free for artists, once their work has been submitted and accepted by Arte Arta.

I already have a website for my art, or my artwork is already featured in another online gallery. Can I showcase my work and sell it on all three platforms?

Yes, absolutely. You can display and sell work on all three platforms, however not the same collections. For example, if you showcase a particular set of works on the Arte Arta site, we ask that you not showcase the same set on your own site or in another online gallery.

If I showcase my art in a physical gallery, can I also showcase it on the Arte Arta site?

Yes, absolutely, unless you have an exclusivity agreement with the given physical art gallery.