Arte Arta


Arte Arta is a visual Art Gallery put together with the mission to re-ignite humanity to their purest essence through art. Arte Arta specializes in bridging Emerging & Professional artists with unconventional venues and buyers with an interest to convey a story of social change in their space.


What sets Arte Arta Apart?

Arte Arta is committed to working in alignment with the key principles of uplifting emerging artists with a story to tell. The entire chain value is purposefully conducted with the  intention to impact the greater good, from whose art is being sold, how artists are sourced, how artists are promoted, to how the art is displayed on your wall- Arte Arta’s real currency is beyond money, it is about the exchange of artistic expression.

Arte Arta aims to decorate the art of unconventional venues with real messages of humanity. You can find our artists in airports, hotels, yoga studios, cafes and homes just like yours.


Integrity: We are committed to keeping the integrity of your art and story.
Open Mind: We are committed to allowing for radical authentic self-expression.
Perseverance: We are committed through perseverance to spread beauty which in return creates balance in our life.
Service to Others: We are committed, more than anything else, to helping spread the universal language of art to the world.

Beauty is there, everywhere around you, within you.
In the laughter of a baby, the hands of an old woman, the stories of an old man, nature, hope, and dreams...
To experience beauty, you can feel it through colors, music, faces, words, and gestures.
Beauty is what we need to reconnect to our purest essence.
To spread art is to spread life.
Nour Chamoun